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Arrowhead Plant - Canadian Orders Only

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aka Syngonium podophyllum

Arrowhead is lush and bushy, perfect for the countertop, or plant stand.


Medium to bright, indirect light is best

Water about once a week

Fertilize once a month during the sunnier months, fertilizer is not required in winter.

My method of watering is to place my plants in the sink, and water them from above with the sprayer (gently of course) directed at each one to thoroughly water them. Then I let them fully drain out before putting them back in their ceramic pots around the house. This helps prevent over watering and root rot, but also makes sure the thirstier plants get all the water they need.

You will receive:

one rooted cutting with it's roots wrapped in biodegradable material to protect it from drying out.

Pot the rooted cutting in fresh potting soil intended for indoor use so that the roots are completely covered, or place in a glass jar or vase, changing the water about once every two weeks or so.

Low Waste:

No plastics are used in preparing this order, and all the packaging is compostable.


I ship cuttings on Mondays, so they're not sitting at the post office too long. I will only ship plants within Canada due to the delicate nature of rooted cuttings, and customs regulations.

Local Pick Up is available from my home in New Westminster, BC. You can select that option in the checkout.

I cannot offer any guarantees on any damage sustained during shipping, or the outcome of the plant after it leaves my place, but I do pack it safely and securely using plastic-free materials.

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